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.Polytech Technology

Polytech products are well-known and recognised by customers. The innovative nature of the Polytech technology lies in the use of regranulated (or granulated) polystyrene foam with a special TECH additive instead of the aggregate traditionally used in such products.

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.Polytech Module System

Polytech MS allows us to construct walls quickly and with accuracy, for which we use prefabricated wall modules.

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.Polytech Screeds

Polytech is the leader in styroconcrete and lightweight mortars. Polytech products can be applied quickly and in a way that keeps the working site clean and tidy. High quality workmanship is guaranteed.

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.Polytech® Therm InSide

This product is the thermal insulation material for internal walls when no insulation material may be applied to the external surface of the walls because the walls must be protected.

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.Polytech DECO

Polytech DECO mouldings are lightweight and highly durable materials. They are also resistant to adverse weather.

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.Technical Support and Equipment Rental

Plastering machines, foam concrete and styroconcrete making machines, plaster power trowels, and many other machines.

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KOMPATTO mixers are designed for producing foam concrete and non-autoclaved aerated lightweight cement and polystyrene foam mortars.

These machines are particularly recommended for the Polytech technology.

The mixers are made of top quality materials for reliable operation at building sites, ease of use and minimum maintenance required.

The mixers are configurable depending on the user's production and automation requirements.

The KOMPATTO mixer range includes

  • KOMPATTO STANDARD mixers for producing POLYTECH® mortars and foam concrete. They are available in three versions:
  • KOMPATTO STANDARD M10, with the maximum theoretical production capacity of 10 m3/h
  • KOMPATTO STANDARD M12, with the maximum theoretical production capacity of 12 m3/h
  • KOMPATTO STANDARD M17, with the maximum theoretical production capacity of 17 m3/h

Our products

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POLYTECH lightweight concrete (styroconcrete)
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POLYTECH®MP Thermally-Insulating Masonry Mortar

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